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Welcome to my newest blog adventure. All the commotion in the media has created tension and anxiety in the men and women who come to me for counseling.I hope to be able to talk to them and to you through these posts, and to relieve your anxiety for a time.
Our common experience informs us that there is something greater than ourselves. You might have an enduring faith in God, or a Higher Power, or the Universe. My own roots in my Christian beliefs impels me to share reflections which address the broad topic shown in the subject line. Actually, those four words all relate to how we treat one another. Wisdom about this task originates in the wisdom scriptures of the world’s religions. Let’s look at one that floats to the top for me.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Leviticus 19: 18

The admonition originates in the Jewish scripture and is reiterated in the parable of the Good Samaritan from the Gospel of Luke. This illustrates the intersection of politics, psychology, communication, and ethics.

My focus as a psychologist centers on the positive health benefits of having a “compassionate, open, accepting and loving” attitude toward others. You can read other points of view on this.
Curiosity, Openness, Acceptance and Love

The opposite is also true. Hating others, or more mildly, seeing others as different than you carries negative effects. You can suffer depression, anxiety, or fear. They all take a toll. You especially miss out on connecting with others in a real, authentic and meaningful way.

If this blog’s theme appeals to you, return again for the next one. I’ll continue to examine how what you think influences your well being. Also, we will have a forum for discussing these issues further. I look forward to your comments.
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