About the Author

ImageDr. Dennis Lewis is a practicing psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety and stress disorders. For more than twenty-five years, he has been on the clinical faculty of the University of California San Francisco. He serves as a national consultant, expert witness, and media spokesperson. He divides his time between clinical work and research on the effect of trauma.

Specialist in Addictions
Dr. Lewis is a specialist in the effects of maternal drug use and the impact on their infants and children. He developed the perinatal treatment center for substance-abusing women in Fresno county that reviewers deemed a national model. This unique program combined traditional treatment with an early child development program for the women’s children ages zero-to-five. The goal was to break the cycle of dependency in the family by engaging multiple generations in recovery.

Current Activities
His clinical private practice has followed his career at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Fresno and Kaiser Permanente. Individual and group therapy combine to enable him to reach those in need. He has published research in the area of neurobehavioral problems with alcoholics. He also has an active consultation practice emphasizing the use of dreams to facilitate growth and change.