Dream De-Coder

Dreams have captivated cultures in every period of history. Inventions have been born from nighttime visions. Scientific discoveries first seen in dreams catapulted some to Nobel notoriety.  Both Jung and Freud urged that finding the meaning behind the dream could have a transformative effect on the person.

My patients who speak of dreaming invariably talk about the distress of nightmares. Have you been troubled by terrors lurking in your sleep? Did they start in childhood, or only after a traumatic event such as a rape or war-time experience? Do you want to once again be able to get a good night’s sleep? You can, and I can help.

I am founder of Dream Link and creator of the Nightmare Re-Scripting System. I teach victims of trauma and abuse to free themselves from their nightmares so that they can get a good night’s sleep. More important, my approach will help you heal from the trauma from the inside out. You can lead a more productive life and be free of the leftover terror you have carried with you.

To get started, go to the Self-Help tab to learn the first step in quieting the internal turmoil. Then move to the Media tab and view my introduction on how to decode your dreams and get free of your nightmares.